Meet Hurricane General Manager Paul Brick. Paul has lived in Maine since 1974 and has worked in the restaurant industry since he was a teenager. With an impressive background working in many of the area’s fine dining restaurants, he began working at Hurricane in the 1980’s where he continued to expand his culinary skills working alongside the late Brooks MacDonald as Executive Sous Chef. He was later promoted to Chef/ Manager before taking on his current role as General Manager.

In addition to managing the restaurant, Paul’s position allows him to share his passion for fine wine with our guests. He explained how it all came about. “In the early years of Hurricane, Brooks, Luanne and myself developed an appreciation for fine wine and I was given the opportunity to expand on a rather small wine list, bringing it up to about 75 selections. We took the wine experience a bit further by introducing a winter wine dinner program and from there we won our first of over 20 Wine Enthusiast Awards. We now boast 120 bottles of wine and I am constantly searching out new and different wines, from all over the world to bring to our guests.”

Paul introduces his distinct and unique wine finds to Hurricane patrons at Hurricane’s weekly “Wine Wednesday” which is now offered year round. Paul elaborated. “Wine Wednesday” started to allow guests the opportunity to try wines they might not usually try because of price or lack of knowledge. We break down that barrier by offering a 50% discount from 5-7 pm along with wine conversation. It has become a very popular and successful promotion.” As a further incentive for guests to explore different wines, the staff at Hurricane will happily open any bottle of wine any day of the week if you agree to purchase 2 glasses.