Meet Pastry Chef Amber Saucier Goodman. A Saco native and married mother of two small children attended Elmira College for three years before switching gears and attending Southern Maine Community College to pursue Culinary Arts. Amber later become a part time faculty member at the college teaching her Culinary Arts skills to students.

For the past 15 plus years, Amber has been the creative force behind the decadent desserts, sweet treats, specialty cakes, cookies and pies which Hurricane patrons are so fond of.

“One thing I do is use seasonal and local fruits with my desserts whenever possible. Some of the all time customer favorites seem to be the key lime pie any time of year, which I pair with a Maine blueberry sauce and the bread pudding I make which I try to add some fun to with flavor combinations such as raspberry cheesecake. Right now I am using cookies and cream.”

Amber’s individual one serving pies are also a customer favorite, with Maine blueberry and local apple topping the list. “Last year we were selling between 15 and 20 every night,” she said. For Christmas Prelude Amber is known for her elaborately decorated sugar cookies which can be special ordered, and a yearly specialty gingerbread house with personal meaning such as the gingerbread Matthew Lanigan Bridge, which was a tribute to a beloved local businessman the bridge is named after.

Amber said she loves adding creative twists to classic treats and is excited to offer some new flavor fusions and ingredient combinations to this year’s dessert menu in addition to the tried and true favorites such as Hurricane’s signature “Chocolate Hurricane.”

by: Shelley Fleming-Wigglesworth
Freelance Journalist

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